Who should participate

Please participate!

Please send me a message with your email address or telephone number and I will be happy to contact you to answer any questions and arrange an interview:


Digital transformation in the German energy industry

Who should take part?

I am keen to work with the following participants, as the study is about digital transformation and how this phenomenon affects the entire company and its decisions:

Desired participants

  • C-level executives
  • Director-level executives
  • Experts and consultants in the field
  • Managers working on the topic in a dedicated unit, such as a digital or innovation hub.

Why should you participate?

You will contribute to a greater understanding of Digital Transformation in practice and academia. In addition, I can offer the following benefits:

Receipt in return

  • Access to the results of the study
  • Foster your network
  • If requested, contact to other people in the field
  • The good feeling of having helped someone