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PhD Study Digital Transformation in the German Energy Industry

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Digital transformation in the German energy industry

New technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things are dominating the digital transformation debate. However, before considering new digital technologies, the first, and most important question needs to be answered: »What is digital transformation and how does it affect the energy industry?«
This question remains unanswered.

Desired outcome of the study

Desired Outcome

Energy-industry view on Digital Transformation:


Process / Causal view

Differences to other sectors

Explanations e.g. influence of regulator

Core of the study

I am undertaking an explorative study in the German energy industry to investigate the perception and understanding of digital transformation from a strategic perspective.

Consequently, I am seeking participants from the energy industry to discuss or talk about digital transformation. The conversation will focus on your perception of digital transformation and its impact from your perspective.

The subject of the conversation will not involve any trade secret. Also, the conversation is not a test of your in-depth knowledge of Digital Transformation strategies or processes.

Any request for anonymity will be respected and guaranteed by me and the university. I hope it will be as interesting and informative for you, as it will be for me.

Introduction and motivation

One of the most relevant phenomena in business today is Digital Transformation (DT). It has accompanied me throughout my career, from working in the telecoms and e-health industries, to the digital hub of a multinational telecoms company, to the German energy industry.
While the magnitude of this phenomenon is undisputed, there is no generally accepted definition of the phenomenon, especially not in academia. This includes not only the perception and understanding of digital transformation, but also the process or digital journey, as well as the outcome.

To add to the complexity, some experts argue that this definition needs to be industry-specific.
For me, this question is still unanswered, even though I have also experienced major differences in the perception of digital transformation between the energy industry and, for example, a multinational telecommunications company.